Super Blunt 
This is how boxed the room was a little more than half way through the blunt

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Find us at the High Etiquette flag if you’re gonna be at shambhala music fest!! Our friends Molly, Kay, Mary and Lucy are coming to party ;)

Who’s all going to Shambhala this year??

I'm interested by an Ayahuasca retreat / spiritual experience... Please contact me

Oui je parle francais :) and I’d have to get to know you a bit first but I could refer you to the organization that hosted the retreat I went to. Can I just ask you why you think it will be a beneficial experience for you?

Summer Ender Bender

Music lovers in bc! Free camping! Free shows! I’ll be doing a set and I might bring some friends from High Etiquette as well.




My inbox is always open

always always always always

I would stay up all night to talk you guys out of harming yourself. I love you all.

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Going hard at Pemberton music fest! #pembertonmusicfestival #golfwang

Set up in the tent at Pembyfest!

Hit me up if you’re at Pemberton Music Festival!!!

Sunset on the eastern horizon at como lake park #beautifulbritishcolumbia